Smoking Cessation Program

Rp. 3.700.000 (basic testing only) – 25.000.000 (up to with therapies)

BSI Membership required, inclusive of Level 2 Testing and Analysis

Depending on Diagnosis & Treatment needs.

Not-for-Profit BSI International Clinics offers a package of intensive, full-participation smoking cessation therapies with deep health analysis. Together they better assure permanent success – more than, very different than, any other smoking therapy program offered on Earth.

Together, with your BSI practitioner, you can decide which combination of therapies will work best, and within your budget. The hard part is total commitment on your part. You just have to complete each therapy at the right time.

The BSI Smoking Cessation Program is more than just stop smoking encouragement. We naturally and effectively attack the array of smoking effects from several angles, while nurturing and detoxing the body from the chemical composites and resulting psychologies that promulgate never-ending cravings.

We request of each patient full initial blood and urine testing, in determination of proper therapies, disease, and more. We suggest you select a minimum of five concurrent therapies.

Please choose at least 5 of the following therapies: * mandatory

  1. Steamer Therapy. At least 2 times each day at the beginning. We suggest you take steamer therapy when smoking cravings are experienced.
  2. * Oral Capsule Medicines. These help to squelch cravings and heal the body against dependencies, and to expel toxins that promulgate addiction. Take one each morning, and again when cravings are experienced, per instructions.
  3. Vitamin and herbal Intravenous IV Therapies. These allow the body to quickly heal from addiction and satisfy nutrient deficiencies caused by the addictions. Instead of option NAD therapy.
  4. Perform blood and urine testing as prescribed, dependant upon prescription.
  5. If possible, take daily hot baths with Compounds V and SO (no soap). These help to rapidly detox the body and expel toxins from the skin. The minerals and oils they contain also relax and tone the body.
  6. * Use the Oral Kit at least once per day. This removes stain and taste pg cigarettes from the mouth, thereby greatly reducing cravings.
  7. Test lung function each day or more. This will gauge lung function and healing progress.
  8. Optional NAD IV Infusion Therapy. Greatly increases and speeds therapy for a better long-term effect.



to Additional NAD?

  • Greatly and quickly helps to heal addiction and related cravings.
  • Re-balances hormone activity related to toxins cravings.
  • Highly beneficial in more severe cases.



to Additional NAD?

  • It may cause Herxing (which is actually a good thing – means you’re a cleansing and healing)
  • It’s a little more expensive and time consuming. However BSI offers the least expensive and highest quality NAD Therapy.

and Most importantly

Stop all forms of tobacco and vaping concoctions

No snuff
No nicotine patches
Completely avoid all places where smokers and smoke are observed
Completely avoid all smokers, as smoke from their bodies can stimulate craving

Avoid all associated addictive behaviors

No drinking of alcohol
No drinking of commercial or sweetened beverages
Stop all junk food and food that stimulate addictive behavior
Stop all associated addictive drugs (this process will help)

Eat solid meals 3 times each day

No seed oils
No dairy unless pure and fermented No grains
Avoid sugars and sweeteners (fresh fruit ok).
Eat mostly protein.

Get daily exercise that works the lungs and impacts the body, such as…

Brisk walking
Any exercise that encourages deep breathing while increasing heart rate

What are Smoking & Vaping ?

Highly profitable chemical composites designed to alter nerve response, promulgate addiction, and create hard-to-cure (expensive) disease. Is there a better explanation than this?

Modern cigarettes and unregulated vaping mystery potions are chemical composites, that quickly and efficiently deliver thousands of heat-derived toxins, nearly all carcinogenic, some radioactive, and some more addictive than heroin.

20 Minutes

Pulse return to normal

8 hours

Nicotine within the body is reduced by 90%, and carbon monoxide levels have dropped

24 hours

Lung begin clearing tar and other smoking debris

48 hours

The body has removed all traces of nicotine, white the sense of taste and smell have improved

72 hours

It becomes easier to breathe, and energy levels have increased

2 -12 weeks

Circulation improves

1 month

Skin appear less gray and more refreshed

3 - 9 months

Reduced coughing and wheezing

1 year

The risk of heart attack drops by half

10 years

The risk of lung cancer is reduced by around half compared with a person who smokes

15 years

The risk of heart attack is the same for a person who has never smoked

Health Benefits if you quit smoking


(nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)

NAD A+ is helpful in therapy for substance abuse and addiction recovery. This treatment reduces both cravings and withdrawal symptoms, provides energy for the entire body, boosts brain regeneration, and most importantly brightens mood.

The most profound effect of intravenous NAD A+ is reduction of cravings. After 7 to 15 consecutive treatments of IV NAD A+, a person battling addiction can realize a better chance of a sober and pain-free life. NAD A+ reduces withdrawal symptoms by binding / inhibiting tobarin and nervous system opiate receptors, helping to overcome cravings and risk of relapse. At the same time, this powerful coenzyme naturally protects the brain and accelerates recovery.

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme found in every cell within the body and is key in numerous vital processes. It’s unrelated to nicotine in tobacco. NAD A+ is related Vitamin B3 and is fully natural in composition and manufacture.

The body naturally produces NAD, but levels decrease with age, leading to cellular deficiencies, resulting in age-related decline. NAD A+ therapy counteracts many of these reactions and helps preserve the integrity of DNA, and as such, the integrity and elasticity of skin, bones, joints, muscle, brain, nerves, etc. 

NAD helps to regulate circadian and metabolic rhythm, by increasing serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with mood regulation, improving symptoms of depression and anxiety, and ultimately inducing better sleep. The body mostly heals during sleep.

NAD A+ Intravenous therapy is arguably one of the best brain restoration therapies available. NAD A+ enhances neuron function, prevents brain cell damage, toxicity, and promotes mitochondrial biogenesis. When the brain is healthy and functioning at optimal levels, better decisions are made, and increasing productivity and achievement.

Patients suffering from mood disorders often have low levels of NAD dependent coenzymes. Also, in depressed subjects, changes in the hippocampus lead to reduced functions by neurons. The hippocampus is the area of the brain primarily engaged in processing emotions. NAD A+ increases serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with mood regulation, and can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

NAD A+ can help individuals who want to…

Science-Based Testing with Natural Therapies

For these reasons, we request full basic testing and analysis, so we can prescribe appropriate remedies, and also properly track healing progress and fully treat causes of addiction and illnesses they cause.

You can make an appointment via this page, and the book now button.
We will ask you for a complete medical history to be completed online.

We first perform full basic testing in determination of causes and resulting problems. 105 blood / urine / and microscopic tests are the basis of the BSI Signature Holistic Health Reset & Detox Program. This provides much needed analysis in discovery of causes and the extent of therapy needed. These tests will also reveal if cancers may be present and as such trigger cancer testing and treatment if also needed.

Then we work to detox the lungs and liver of residues, while reducing and quickly eliminating cravings. Positive immediate effects are often seen, with permanent cessation, provided the patient fully adheres to all prescriptions and therapies.

Be advised that we offer an holistic approach, which includes diet, lifestyle, exercise, and attitude recommendations. Addictions may be more than just smoking.

Please be advised that so-called Herxheimer detox reactions may be experienced during therapy, such as fever, mucous eliminations, headache, etc. These are normal and indicate that therapy is working.

A Sample Medicines and Therapies, Smoking Addictions Detox Calendar

If needed, can be extended another 11 days. However consultation and new prescription are requested. The prescription can be stopped if the patient has fully responded to the addiction.

Non-composite, organic tobacco generally contains stronger concentrations of tar and stimulants. Just because it’s organic does not make tobacco safe to consume.

There are, according to the American Medical Association, approximately 600 added ingredients in American-style composite cigarettes and their filters. Ingredients are fully unregulated and designed to cause a cascade of addiction reactions. Even after the conclusion of one’s final cigarette, these addiction cravings continue to unfold for months in a jail sentence cascade.

Addiction cravings begin first after 12 hours, then 24 hours, then 3 days, 7 days, 1 month, and 3 months… 3 months are needed just to loose 80% of craving. Cravings again occur at 6 months after stopping.

Composite cigarettes are addictive. The chemical smoke mixture they produce, when in inhaled, reaches the brain in just six seconds. This results in the appearance of black uric acid crystals that can be observed in the blood under microscope, that can and often do result in several types of blood and body disease. Effects from cigarette smoking (and yes, vaping too) affect health for 20 years or longer, often causing severe disease years later, even after their total cessation – this all due to the chemical glue of cigarettes and vaping that deposit decades-long toxic adhesives into the lungs, liver, brain, and body fat. But astonishingly, it’s not the nicotine that is addictive….

Cigarettes are truly a chemical concoction designed to help the rich get richer, ultimately fleece media-hypnotized victims, and enrich the megalithic cancer industry. The average burning western cigarette emits more than 7,000 derived chemicals, that are the result of base chemicals reacting and producing exponential variations of composite chemicals during combustion. Base cigarette ingredients include Nicotine, Tar, and Carbon Monoxide, as well as Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Hydrogen Cyanide, Arsenic, Antihistamine (which opens the lungs and allows deeper entry while throttling inflammation and coughing), DDT, various oxides, and recently graphene, and much more.

A few of the cancer causing chemicals derived during tobacco combustion include:

  • 2-naphthylamine
  • 4-aminobiphenyl
  • Ammonia: Household cleaner
  • Angelica root extract: Known to cause cancer in animals
  • Arsenic: Used in rat poisons
  • Benzene: linked to leukemia
  • Beryllium
  • Butane: Gas; used in lighter fluid
  • Carbon monoxide: Poisonous gas
  • Cadmium: Used in batteries, linked to lung and prostate cancer
  • Chromium
  • Cyanide: Deadly poison
  • DDT: An insecticide
  • Ethyl Furoate: Causes liver damage
  • Ethylene oxide
  • Lead: Poisonous in high doses Formaldehyde: Used to preserve dead specimens, and linked to lung cancer
  • Fungicides and pesticides: Cause many types of cancers /  birth defects
  • Methoprene: Insecticide
  • Megastigmatrienone: Chemical naturally found in grapefruit juice
  • Maltitol: Sweetener for diabetics
  • Napthalene: Ingredient in mothballs
  • Nickel: Causes increased susceptibility to lung infections.
  • Methyl isocyanate: Its accidental release killed 2000 people in Bhopal, India
  • Polonium-210: Cancer-causing radioactive element
  • Vinyl chloride: From the plastic in worthless cigarette filters

BSI Therapure Nutraceuticals for Healing

  • Compound SSV Stop Smoking & Vaping
  • Compound EXR-NITE Mild Expectorant for Lungs, Sinus, Ears, Nose, night formula (Yin – Cooling)
  • Compound EXR-DAY Mild Expectorant for lungs and sinus, daytime formula (Yang – Warming)
  • Compound RAR Respiratory Allergies Relief
  • Jamu Jo No. 1 Sabrang Onion – Take a large sip each time you crave a cigarette
  • Jamu J0 No. 9 Keladi Tikus – Take a large swig, or 50 ml three times each day, between meals
  • Jamu Jo No. 10 Nigella Sativa – Take 100 ml 3 times per day
  • Oral Health Kit – Swish > brush > oil pull each morning and evening – Oil pull 5-10 minutes with Compound SOS. Can reduce to once per day after a few days

Additional Jamu Jo may be requested by the patient if desired. Please inform BSI two days before it is needed, if possible, to make sure we have it fresh in stock for you.

Oral Respirometer Lung Exerciser and Strength Gauge

With fully inflated lungs, blow into the tube and raise all three balls to the top.

Perform this exercise at least three times in one session, in order to strengthen lungs and expel residue.

This tool is key in determination of shallow, improving, or good / healed lung function. When used daily and properly, this exercise gently forces the lungs to expel residue from smoking and air pollution, and trains the body and lungs to breath deep.

The user should rinse the breathing tube after each use, with warm soapy water.

Oral Health Kit

In ancient times, people often cleaned their teeth with salt and a small stick. That salt was most likely sun-dried sea salt or sodium bicarbonate made from wood ash.

We recommend this package to nearly all our patients. Clears micro-organizms and cleans very well the mouth and teeth. Positive effects on sinus and digestion. Leaves the breath fresh and the surfaces of the teeth and mouth smooth and clean. Alkalinaztion from the sodium bicabonate is exceptionally beneficial in healing and preventing disease. SOS Healing Oils heals the gums and stimulates teeth to produce enamel, and helps to reduce tinitus. Receding gums are often healed, prevented from further destruction.

Vita Bath & Compound SO

Vita Pack provides the body to release long-held toxins and putrefaction. The balance of Compound V Indian Ocean sea salts, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, ginger root, and Balinese green lemon, mixed with Compound SO that contains extra-virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, lemon oil, and aloe vera, offer excellent healing that no other medicine can duplicate.

The balanced combination of the ingredients in Vita Bath Pack are designed to nourish the skin and body, and to increase immunities so that skin can eliminate virus, bacteria, fungus, and parasites from the surface and just below the skin. And all of them are directly absorbed through the skin and into the body, thereby making Compound SO an excellent delivery vehicle for much needed immediate nutrition and beneficial anti-aging factors inherent in the essential nutrients from which it is crafted.

With proper application, dead skin layers and scar tissues are eventually sloughed and new skin appears more flexible and tight: Healthy.

Steamer Therapy for Lungs and Other Body Areas

Steamer therapy is great for lungs, and it is also a great way to intake medicines. Because anything that goes into the lungs also goes directly into the blood stream. Of course the converse can also apply with smoke, cigarettes, vaping, air pollution, snorted drugs, and any intoxicant that enters the lungs. Steamer therapy can loosen tar and wash clean airways.

Inhalation therapy is very much similar to direct injection of medications.

In addition to lung and sinus therapies, The BSI Steamer Protocol is also very helpful for facial diseases, eye diseases, scalp infection or parasites, and skin infection nearly anywhere on the body.

Steamer Therapy Instructions:

  1. Carefully unpack and install the steam nozzle. Note the two side teeth must line up with their slots on the steamer when installing or removing.
  2. Place the steamer on a level table approximately 40 cm in front of your face. Sit up straight and tall for best effect.
  3. Add no more than 2 capfuls of either Compound B Tincture or Compound R Tincture to the steamer.
  4. Add clear bottled water to the steamer, no more than the fill line. Activate power.
  5. Steam will be produced in 5 minutes or less. CAUTION: The steam is very hot. Keep a wash cloth handy to place over the steam outlet in the event of boiling water exiting the vent.  (Happens if over filled with either Compound and / or water). CAUTION: The first wisps of steam will contain most of the alcohol.
  6. Practice slow in and out breathing. When lungs are full, breath in more again so as to expand alveoli, and when lungs are fully empty, squeeze even more air out to fully compress them. Mucous may emerge, be sure to expel it, do not swallow. In Mouth – then take in extra. Out Mouth – then expel extra. In Nose – then take in extra. Also work to get the steam into sinuses if needed. Out Mouth – then expel extra. Repeat.
  7. One session usually lasts about 20 minutes or less. The steamer should shut off automatically, but do check to make sure it does shut off so it does not melt.
  8. Steamer is very hot. When cooler, rinse with water. Do NOT use soap to clean it.
  9. Use no more than 6 times per day, 1 or 2 times per each session.

In the airways – the trachea, bronchi, and bronchioles – mucus is produced by specialized airway epithelial cells called goblet cells, and submucosal glands. Small particles such as dust, particulate pollutants, and allergens, as well as infectious agents and non-beneficial bacteria are caught in the viscous nasal or airway mucus, and thus prevented from entering the respiratory system. This process, together with the continual movement of the cilia on the respiratory inner skin layer (epithelium), drives mucous toward the mouth and nose, and helps prevent foreign objects from entering the lungs during breathing. This explains why coughing often occurs in those who smoke cigarettes. The body’s natural reaction is to increase mucus production. In addition, mucus aids in moisturizing inhaled air and prevention of excess dehydration of all airway tissues.