IV Therapy Ingredients

NAC (N-acetyl cysteine)

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is a nutritive supplement form of cysteine. The adequate consumption of cysteine, in the form of NAC, is important for a variety of health reasons — including replenishment of the most powerful antioxidant, glutathione. These amino acids help heal a wide variety of chronic respiratory conditions, fertility, and brain function. NAC is also indicated for reduction of spike protein production associated with nano-graphene replication, related to Covid diseases.

  • Helps Heal Respiratory Conditions. NAC helps quickly heal asthma, flu, severe lung congestion or disease, and Covid-related diseases. NAC is an antioxidant and expectorant, whereby it can loosen mucus and long-term congestion. NAC helps replenish glutathione levels, by reducing inflammation in bronchial tubes and lung tissue. NAC improves COPD symptoms, chronic bronchitis, and lung decline. NAC can also improve cystic fibrosis, asthma and pulmonary fibrosis, as well as nasal and sinus congestion due to allergies or infections. Repeated use can have long-term positive effects in the lungs.
  • Essential for Making the Powerful Antioxidant Glutathione. NAC, glutamine, and glycine are needed to make and replenish glutathione. Glutathione is one of the body’s most important antioxidants, which helps neutralize free radicals that can damage cells and tissues in the body, essential for immune health and fighting cellular damage – which contributes to longevity.
  • In Prevention and Healing of Kidney and Liver Damage. NAC can help prevent side effects of prescription and non-prescription drugs and environmental toxins. In fact, doctors regularly give intravenous (IV) NAC to people with acetaminophen overdose to prevent or reduce kidney and liver damage.
  • Beneficial in Psychiatric Disorders and Addictive Behavior. NAC helps regulate levels of glutamate — the most important neurotransmitter in the brain. While glutamate is required for normal brain action, excess glutamate (related to mono-sodium glutamate – MSG) paired with glutathione depletion can cause brain damage. This may contribute to mental health conditions, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and addictive behaviors. NAC can minimize negative effects of schizophrenia, such as social withdrawal, apathy and reduced attention spans. NAC supplementation can also help decrease withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse in cocaine and tobacco addiction.
  • Boosts Brain Health by Regulating Glutamate and Replenishing Glutathione. The brain neurotransmitter glutamate is involved in a broad range of learning, behavior, and memory actions, while the antioxidant glutathione helps reduce oxidative damage to brain cells associated with aging. NAC can slow Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. NAC can improve both dopamine function and disease symptoms such as tremors.
  • Helps Improve Fertility in Both Men and Women. One condition that contributes to male infertility is varicocele — when veins inside the scrotum become enlarged due to free radical damage. Surgery is the primary treatment, with supplemental NAC improves semen integrity. In addition, NAC may improve fertility in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) by inducing or augmenting the ovulation cycle.
  • Can Help Stabilize Blood Sugar By Decreasing Inflammation in Fat Cells. NAC may stabilize blood sugar by decreasing inflammation in fat cells thereby improving insulin resistance. When insulin receptors are intact and healthy, they properly remove sugar from the blood, keeping levels within normal limits.
  • Helps Reduce Heart Disease Risk by Preventing Oxidative Damage. NAC increases nitric oxide production, which helps veins dilate, improving blood flow, lowering risk of heart attack. Oxidative damage to heart tissue often leads to strokes, heart attacks, and other serious conditions.
  • NAC and Glutathione Also Boost Immune Function. Proven useful for those with compromised immune function, including AIDS, Covid and more. NAC supplementation has proven to improve and often restore immune function.
  • NAC can be administered as an IV, taken orally, as an aerosol spray, or in liquid or powder form. The most efficient is via intravenous infusion (IV).


NAC is safe for adults when provided as a prescription medication. People with bleeding disorders or taking blood thinning medications should not take NAC, as it may slow blood clotting.