What We Practice

Integrative Natural Medicine & Therapies is BSI’s approach to health and healing, with the most brilliant and productive medicines and techniques of all medical worlds, to produce the best long-term results. BSI International is a small personal clinic, designed to help up to 30 patients per day. We treat a variety of basic health issues with a combination of natural therapies and treatments, including high-dose vitamin and mineral infusions, custom made for each patient. These may include vitamin C up tp 40 grams with B Complex, Silver Hydrosol, DMSO, Nigella Sativa, Zingiberaceae Complex, Electrolytes, Magnesium, Sodium Bicarbonate, EDTA, Nootropics, and more. We also offer a variety of herbal and mineral injections and salves, and oral medications that we manufacture on-site in our certified labs.

The causes of ailments and disease are often ignored and their diagnosis and understanding the necessary first step in deep healing. In modern times, most people have come to believe that many ailments and disease are impossible to cure, due to modern medical society’s commercial and unethical hype. As such, proper personal treatment is illusive, forbidden through media and big pharma business (there is so little profit for them from these therapies – no MRI machines, endless doctor visits, invasive surgeries, chemotherapy, insurance, etc.).

The planned use of alternative therapies and treatments is often about overcoming the ‘no other cure’ mentality that permeates modern medicine today. This too-often results in people using these more traditional medicines as a last resort, often when it’s nearly too late. But the human body has a remarkable ability to recover from extreme illness, when the cause is completely eliminated, not just the usual masking-of-the-symptoms.

Information here does not begin to cover the field of alternative medicine and self healing. The treatments and effects of alternative healing vary from person to person, and are often contrary to the immobile attitudes of modern medicine. If you are not already familiar with natural healing, do yourself a favor and read-up, should you decide on this route.

The western medicine cartel has much of the public engrained in the belief that expensive, profitable, and insurable procedures are the only cure. Here in Indonesia, natural un-patented medicines are more widely used than western medicines. In recent times, the Indonesia Government has begun to encourage the development and licensing of alternative and natural health care. Because of this amazing freedom, we are able to accurately describe their effects and usage.

The BSI therapies and medicines described on these pages have received approval from the Indonesian Government for use by BSI International Clinic. May we suggest you study this web site and draw your own conclusions.