General Medical Services

Walk-in or by appointment 9 – 4 daily. 

Minor emergencies, such as burns, scrapes, cuts etc.

Colds, flu, digestive issues, sunburn.

On-site rapid tests.

Specialty Medical Services

Detox & prevention are the core of services offered by BSI. We are science-based in terms of diagnosis and treatment, however the medicines are natural and one-of-a-kind by Therapure Nutraceuticals, creating a targeted, more accurate, immune-boosting, natural healing process. We examine and explore patient’s overall health, designing a customized plan to cleanse the body from many of the environmental and conditioned toxins that make their way into our everyday lives.

IV Infusion Therapy

BSI International Clinics offers to the general public the highest quality intravenous infusions by Therapure Nutraceuticals. In recent times, intravenous infusions have gained in popularity due to the rapid beneficial effects of pure nutrients injected directly into the blood stream, bypassing digestion (that slows and mutes healing effects).

What We Do

Not-for-Profit BSI International Clinics specializes in Integrative Natural Health & Wellness, utilizing in-depth, science-based testing & diagnostics, personalized detox and wellness treatments, and preventative medicine. We treat a variety of ailments and diseases, with a large variety of mega-dose vitamin C IV infusions, natural medicines, and oral medications by Therapure Nutraceuticals.

Who We Are

BSI is not bound by mainstream medical dictates. BSI is a group of highly dedicated health professionals, who design, manufacture, and prescribe more than 100 medicines. Integrative Natural Health and Therapies means we meld the best of ancient and modern medicines and therapies into a healthy practice unlike any other in the world. Because BSI is not-for-profit, we are required to reinvested all profits back into the clinic – which allows us to purchase and manufacture the highest quality medicines and services.

What We Practice

At BSI we practice highly-personalized integrative natural medicine & therapies. During initial interview and treatment we spend an average of 2 hours with each patient, thereby assuring precise targeted treatment. The patient is asked to complete The New Patient Questionnaire, so we may have a complete history in order to better understand illness. We’re on your side, here to help.

Where We Are

BSI International Clinics offers three locations, Jimbaran, Canggu, and Ubud. General Practitioner and Vitamin IV services are offered at all three locations. The main clinic at Jimbaran also offers limited Level III moderate disease services for members only.

Not-For-Profit BSI International Clinics

Yayasan BSI International Clinics is all about alternative, holistic therapies that we have developed, and Therapure Nutraceutical medicines, that BSI offers exclusively to member patients.

BSI is science-based in terms of diagnosis and treatment, however the medicines are natural and one-of-a-kind by Therapure Nutraceuticals, creating a targeted, more accurate, immune boosting, natural healing process. BSI medicines are exceptionally concentrated and potent. We use no fillers, binders, preservatives, surfactants, etc. The roots, leaves, seeds, minerals, etc. are combined with appropriate processing, serving only to concentrate whole ingredients in traditional ways.

BSI provides comprehensive and compassionate care for all patients in a safe and welcoming environment. BSI does not discriminate against religion, race, color, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity. Our goal is to provide the best possible care for our patients and to ensure their comfort and well being.

We look forward to getting to know you at BSI.

What Others Say
About Us

“Dear Dr Jo. I just wanted to send you a very big thanks once again for everything. I’ve never felt better and I have such a zest for life now, everything has changed about me and I love it. Thank you. I got my second set of results back and it all came back negative so I am in the clear. This won’t stop me being healthy and following the guidelines you have given and I will be back again soon for another check up to see how I’m doing. See you again soon!”

Mr. Tom 9 April, 2019

“Hello Dr. Jo. I just wanted to thank you for helping me out with my health when I thought that there was no options left. Thank you for making me realise that the breast implants were killing me and helping me detox all the poisons out. Your knowledge and dedication to work is something that I highly admire. Keep it up, you are definitely making impact in people’s lives. I am back to normal, I am back to work and having the same life that anyone 24 years old would have. I was already about to give up. You literally saved my life, I could not be more thankful for you. Merry Christmas.”

Ms. Vilma20 December, 2018

“Dear BSI. After years of visiting numerous doctors for chronic pain and fatigue I was skeptical but Dr J’s passion and approach convinced me I should try the (BSI Detox) treatment. It helped me get off highly addictive prescription medication, which I had failed to get off three times previously. I now have reduced fatigue, much lesser pain and much improved mental well being. The passion of the staff for what they do is evident and I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

Ms. Kendal23 April 2019

“Hello Dr Jo, How are you today? I hope you’re well. I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you so much for your reactivity, patience and understanding. I really appreciate the time and efforts and value your achievements and goals. Many thanks,”

Ms. Laura23 November, 2018

“Hello Joe, I am feeling very well, in fact I feel much more energised and vivid then before the detox. I am much more physically active and I learn faster and feel more focused. I stick with the diet as much as possible, still no coffee so far (I don’t miss it at this point) and I’m keeping away from sugar, dairy and gluten (with some exceptions lol). Thank you.”

Mrs. Marieke.3 November, 2018

“Hi Dr Jo, I would like to tell you that it has been an honour to have met you and I’ve learned so much from you and I would like to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes to a better way to take care of my body and I intend to follow the path, especially I have taken serious notes about my blood type foods and plan to make meals from those. My sincere thanks to you and all of your staff. Kindest regards,”

Mrs. Janice18 October, 2018

“Good morning, Dear Jo, I started the wonderful herbs etc., I am utterly in love with the oral kit and the soap. Can I get more of the soap/shampoo and compound SOS in Canggu as well? The feel/smell is divine! I would like to take some more to Germany next week. Once again: Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, your humour and energy – and for your heart-felt dedication to your work and your patients. I appreciate it so much!”

Ms. Elena3 May, 2019

“Hi! Just thought I’d update you on how I’m getting on. My stomach is so much less swollen and I’ve completed 3 flushes – the second cleared a lot!! I stopped the roaccutane as you said and my skin is looking great and less inflamed too. I’m down to just a couple of (BSI herbal medication) tablets per day and I’m feeling great! It’s completely changed my mindset on what I put into my body. Just wanted to say thank you !!”

Mr. Albert5 May, 2019

“Dear Docteur Jo, I must say that I am feeling full of energy and I haven’t experienced any serious and painful reflux and my gut seems to be happy right now! And…. cherry on the cake I am losing weight! I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again to you and your amazing team. Warmest regards,”

Ms. Sophie 12 March, 2019

“Hi Jo, The eyebrow mole you treated has cleared up very nicely!! The oral kit, and especially the SOS compound seems to really help stain removal and freshens the mouth. Great stuff wow 🙂 Thank you”

Mr. Phil12 May, 2019

“Hello Dr. Jo, I hope you are doing well! I finished my 4th IV and yesterday was my first (Nutritive Digestive) Flush… I feel amazing already!!! I’m super happy and thankful for what you have done on me so far 🙂 I’m sending you lot of my friends 🙂 ”

Ms. Sou15 August 2019

“Hi Dr. Jo, Hope you’re having a great beginning to the week! I wanted to share, I’m so grateful for your guidance – my food intolerances have decreased, I have way more energy, my mind is much clearer, my mood is much better, my bloating has decreased, and I feel more like myself than I have in many, many years. I don’t even know where to begin, except for saying thank you!”

Ms. Kate18 August, 2019

“Dear Dr Joe, I am writing you share my experience of my first appointment. I’m 58 years of age and I can honestly say that my first appointment felt like the very first time I ever went to a proper Doctor. The level of care and the explanation was far superior to anything I have experienced I the past, thank you for you dedication and your vision, I feel confident in the process and I look to see experiencing greater health in my future! Kind Regards,”

Mr. Saxon21 June, 2019

“Thank God for people like you Dr. J. It’s not often to see, that’s why we are the Mavericks! My brand is all about Mavericks … and I attempt to inspire people to follow their truth / heart’s inspiration beyond society’s view of success or influence upon us… We all have our gifts to give, and you’re definitely giving us yours… Appreciate you Doc. Here’s to optimum health and living free to express our potential !!!!”

Mr. Buck3 August, 2019

“Good Evening Dr Jo, I hope you’re well. First of all, I want to say you have done a phenomenal job with addressing the virus. I only had one very small flare up and I have been completely medication free since our very first consult. Normally I would have to take Acyclovir daily otherwise I would have a continuous outbreak.”

Mr. J18 June 2019

“Dear Dr. Joe, It has been almost 6+ weeks now. I generally feel great. Have lost some weight. Regained the color on my face. have stopped all western medication [steroids etc for sarcoidosis]. Look healthier now. Hair growth is also there, which is a surprise and a positive. I have also started on the compound ED eye drops – with eyes getting impacted / leakages in the veins behind the retina etc. compound ED Eyedrops are just 2 days now and I continue to use them going forward – 3 to 4 times a day on a regular basis. Thank you once again. Warm regards,”

Mr. Arvind19 July 2018

“By the way! What I forgot to mention in the “current symptoms” section, is that I feel I have a lot more energy! Where before, the last few months, a simple easy yin yoga session was too much for me, I now participate in active yang yoga three days in a row without problems! Super happy with that! Warm regards,”

Ms. Jana13 May, 2019

“Dear Ibu Yohana, I finished the 43 days yesterday. I am feeling great! I do have quite a few supplements left and I wonder if I should keep taking them continuing with day 46?

Also, do you recommend any final test or anything about how to proceed? Should I come to the clinic next week for the urine test? Warm regards,”

Ms. Katrin21 March, 2021

“Hello Dr. Jo, Hope all is well. It’s been almost a month since I am done with the detox.

The period cramping that I had for the past years are gone and I am beyond happy to be able to inform you that!! This has been my third time having period, miraculously with no cramp issue!
And I would love to keep this condition forever, is there anything that I can consume or eat daily to keep this? Much thanks,”

Mrs. Ivory12 February, 2021

“Hi Dr, Jo ! I really just wanted to express my gratitude to you today for your generosity and for standing by myself in this challenge to recovery. I am eternally grateful and look forward to the health benefits ahead. Kind regards,”

Mr. Adam10 October 2019

“Thanks so much BSI Staff and Doctors! As an update I’ve lost 8kg from my initial weight of 79kg and my partner has lost 14kg. Thanks so much for all your knowledge and help. We’ve seen some wonderful changes insofar.”

Mrs. Laura10 October 2019

“Thanks Jo ! Yeah I’m working out 5 days a week and eating as I said double the meals I used to and still losing weight. Generally fat loss. I have almost completely lost my stomach fat which I feel amazing about. And the energy and sleep I have not had like this for as long as I can remember.

Thanks again for your help. I’m so happy to be doing this. Have a great day Jo.”

Mr. GeorgeJune 2020

“Hey Dr. Jo! How are you? This is only a message to know if you’re good and safe. I hope so. In this challenging time, I can not avoid to think of your “New Patient Guide” last page…. As your patient (but mostly as a person really grateful for what you did for me) I want to thank you for your job and your dedication.

I don’t know if you like to socialize or not, but if you have time (whenever) and want to have tea or just coconut water and have chitchat I would be really happy to meet you. Have a wonderful day!”

Ms. SimoneMay, 2020

“Dr. Jo! And it’s obviously helping and 100% on your medicines and full on program. And I feel incredible, really healthy, learning every day different dish to cook. So much fun! Thank you Doc! I feel great! Hope all good with you! I’ll bring next week some donuts? – Hahaha!”

Mr. Lukas5 August, 2020

“Good morning, Dr. Jo! I’d like to follow up with you and see if it’s possible to continue some IV therapy throughout my entire detox. I’m interested in taking NAD for it’s help with depression. I was wondering also if it’s safe to I try the Piracetam? Can these two be used together? I could really use help with anything that boosts mood and helps with mental fog and memory recall. In addition, can I continue the vitamin C and B complex and add glutathione? I’d like to do these as often as possible to reach an optimal level of health.

I also want to take time to let you know how much I appreciate your clinic. Your giving back and sharing what you’ve learned through your healing is really an inspiration to me. I was reaching a pretty low point mentally with the debilitating fatigue and it’s great to have hope that I may have a chance at life again. What your doing is incredible. Thank you. Kindest regards of peace,”

Ms. K.May, 2020

“Thanks J. I’m in the last week of my 43 days detox program and I already feel like I want to continue for ever… 🙂  Thank you so much !”

MariaMay 2020

“Dr. Jo. Sending my big thanks to you and your great team for the effort and support that I had at your clinic. Have a great weekend. Warm regards,”

Mr. AbdurahimMay 2020

“Hi Dr. Jo and Colleagues, As side note, this detox is not what I expected…in a good way. I’m finding this is much more a mental, emotional, and spiritual experience than I anticipated. I’m glad I cleared my schedule to focus on healing because Im experiencing some pretty intense stuff and facing some fears and shadows I’ve been hoarding for decades. It’s been an incredible experience of growth, acceptance and detachment to things-ego after only a couple weeks. It’s a lot less physical than I expected. Maybe the underlying cause of the years of fatigue is related much more to deeply rooted beliefs and trauma than I expected.

I’m just thankful for being able to see this stuff come up…so thank you for that. Do you know if the IVs for nervous system -brain support can help continue support this process?”

Ms. KayMay 2020

“I wanted to mention that the IV I did this week really changed my life – my body felt so good and calm, the way I feel when nothing is bugging it. I was able to make decisions I’ve been having trouble with, felt more in touch with my emotions, had more energy, and just felt generally very well. It had a big positive effect. I was hoping we could repeat it next week? Thanks so much and have a wonderful Sunday,”

Ms. Ania4 Nov 2019

“Hi Dr. Jo. Just wanted to keep in communication. I have been doing the diet and supplements perfectly and did the first flush. I am feeling pretty darn good. Not many side effects. Had a sharp pain in the ride lower side of my back for several days but has gone away. Also have experienced some phases of mood swings and fatigue and starting to get a rash on my arm but generally has been super easy. Anyways, just wanted to keep informing you to make sure I’m on track since I’m not experiencing any major symptoms. Thanks !”

Ms. HeatherNovember, 2019

“Hi Jo, Thanks for this. I think the VitaBath and steam helped. Still the pressure today but gaining some energy back. Mostly just the understanding and realizing this is deep infection clearing and in my past, antibiotics & medicines to relieve sinus infections were taken – just weakening the power of my immune system – it’s empowering to trust the body can heal itself. It brings up emotional release that has been stored in the body, as well, and as a water-sign & yogi, I honor this process. Thank you.”

Ms. Melissa2 Nov 2019

“Hi Jo. Have all my IV drips been the exact same? Whatever it was you’re putting in it that makes my skin glow and me look younger, I’d like Re of that please! ???????? Screw anti aging creams, just go to Dr. Jo for IVs! I look 2 years younger in 9 days!”

Ms. Nancy29 Nov, 2019

“Dr Jo, THANK YOU ! I felt so great last week – even looked younger, skin clearing up, felt lighter, tons of energy! Amazing! You’re the best! I’d like to continue the IVs while I’m in Bali (1-2 per week). May I do with you guys? which one would you recommend? I can start on Thursday 🙂 Thank you,”

Ms. N.27 Oct 2019

“Hi Dr. Jo, I have been getting a vita brain IV (with silver) about once a week. Should I continue with this? Your program is working for me, I truly appreciate the work and deliberate effort that went into it. I genuinely admire the healthcare practice you’ve built here! Peace,”

Mr. JakeOctober 2019

“Dr. Jo: Your protocol is working. You truly are doing God’s work. Thank you!”

Mr. BorgOctober, 2020

“On the other hand, compound MET, brings relief to my twitches within 1/2hour to an hour for around 2 hours or until I eat something. I have repeated the experience several times with the same result. At last, something seems to work and I believe we are definitely speaking of heavy metals poisoning.”

Ms. Nathalie Rumsey9 July, 2023

“Hello Dr Jo! First of all I want to express my gratitude for the detox. I feel so good without having any stimulants or having cravings for them, I never believed that was even possible to stop my sugar addiction! Thank you so much for this upgrade in my life :)”

Mr. David Assael16 June, 2023

“Good Day Dr. Cessy, I am feeling fantastic at this point! Day 15 and I feel energized, I hardly feel nauseous (used to feel this way every single day) and I have lost weight, my skin and hair are already glowing and looking healthier. Very happy!”

Natassia ‘Tash’16 June, 2023

“I have to say though that I feel much better than before I started the detox.. I was fatigued and low on energy, but now I have way more energy, I also got my period (it was 24 days late), I feel like my body is resetting. 3 days ago I had diarrhea, and after that – the earlier liver pain I had, has gone. The cramps I used to have on my lower digestive tract is also gone. I feel my overall health is improving. So thank you.”

Ms. Han Dan29 March, 2023

“Hi there. Thank you so much for these results! As these Results appear to be normal b12 ans iron, do you know what the previous test on my high iron levels mean? I think it a temporary condition that will normalize with detox and rebalance.”

Breeza Love15 June, 2023

“Thanking all of you after my 53rd birthday. I have also made the international and national ranking for Freediving in this link. I have had a life beyond what I dreamed of which was just surviving. I will continue to recommend your clinic to everyone that needs you.”

Mr. Michelle Coates26 May, 2022

“Dear Dr. Jo. I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the exceptional work that BSI has been doing in promoting holistic health and well-being. Your commitment to providing natural health solutions is truly commendable.”

Said Naciri & Sara Sabik16 Oct, 2023

“I feel so much better. Since last evening after taking more of the tablets and drinking the 2 jamu. And perhaps also the IV. It is wonderful to breath freely. Want to let you know that we are so blessed to have you in Bali. You are a warrior of light. Thank you for your energy and passion for healing”

Jeannine Feisol18 Nov, 2022

“Thanks for your help and all you do!”

Christiane18 Nov, 2022

“Thanks. My digestion definitely has improved. I have bowel movements once a day every morning now, whereas prior to starting with a detox (this one I’m on with BSI and the gut protocol I did a week prior) it was only twice a week. So there’s already great improvement.”

Ms. Han Dan21 Mar, 2023

“Dear BSI Team. After being home in Australia for just over 1 week I can say that I am still feeling amazing and can only now feel that I have a positive future going forward. I want the rest of my family to be healthy again too, I am in the process of organising my wife and three children to come back to Bali so they can get tested and treatment as well. I am planning for around October to November this year. I am assuming that they will follow and provide the same information process as I did initially?

I will be returning soon to continue my own infusions and I have told anyone who is suffering to make contact with you. The testing and treatment that you are providing is definitely working, unfortunately none of what you offer is allowed here in Australia.

I wish you well in the move to your new premisses and pray God keeps you all safe as you are an amazing group of people.”

Mr. Daryl Andrews13 May, 2023

“Ok, many thanks. I will not have time for these checks as I will be leaving Bali soon. Thank-you for such a wonderful treatment – I have been sending many of my friends to you and will continue to do so.”

Navid Gornell29 Jun, 2023

“Hi Jo, Many thanks for the kind response. This is very helpful. And thank-you. I’m an inspired admirer who had a great experience with the detox program. Your efforts in setting up such an extraordinary clinic are truly commendable.

Question: Are you open to partnerships?

I ask because I’m setting up a wellness company using the healing power of water at various temperatures (contrast therapy at scale) and will be offering IV’s. Perhaps I can share with you what I’ll be presenting in a few days and you can see if there is alignment?”

Nav19 July, 2023

“Hello Dr Jo, I have my last IV tomorrow morning and I was wondering if there’s any kind of financial arrangement you might be able to offer for financial hardship?

I’ve been putting all my treatment on the credit card because I haven’t been able to work the past few months due to feeling unwell. The detox has been amazing and I’m feeling much better and also starting to create some traction for bringing money in again but I’m also worried that I won’t have the means to cover the final expenses for the program – the IV and the blood tests and in case of any further treatment needed the costs that come with that.

I also managed to promote your clinic to a few people and three of them signed up so I wonder if there’s some way you could also be able to help me out. Of course I don’t expect it.

I’ve had a genuinely amazing experience so far and I’ll continue promoting your clinic regardless and I’d also like to talk about potentially collaborating in the future as I’ll be running retreat in a few months in which I’d like to incorporate your program if we find a way how to.

Any thoughts on the above will be very much appreciated. Thank you and see you around”

Veronika15 May, 2023