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Super Bugs / Immunities Enhancement

Holistic Health Reset Program Cost : Rp. 3.700.000 – 20.000.000
+ Super Bugs Immunities Enhancement Program : Rp. 1.000.000 – 3.000.000

Depending on Diagnosis & Treatment needs.

What is Antibiotic Resistance?

In the modern medical world, antibiotics are often over-prescribed in treatment of bacterial, and often fungal infections too. Overuse of antibiotics, and often anti-fungals, always leads to various levels of resistance against them. Instant addiction, and mutation of immune processes generally result.

At BSI, we take an opposite, and personalized approach to healing. Through science-based analysis, we define causes and work to eliminate them, to rebuild beneficial bacteria and fungus (a healthy body will maintain an under-control ratio of 85% beneficial bacteria and fungus to 15% non-beneficial bacteria and fungus).

So-called super-bugs have become a primary cause of most chronic disease in our view. But when fungus and bacteria are in balance, they can be considered as though ‘sponge-like pathogen digesters’ the body produces to soak-up pathogens (parasites, metals, acids, waste cells, chemicals, toxins, etc.) to consume and digest them, while forcing them out of the body.

But these necessary ‘sponges’ can become radically over-grown, out of balance, when causes of imbalance are not also remedied. Excess fungus is almost always due to over-exposure to antibiotics, and other immune-suppressing factors, such as vaccinations, steroids, alcohol, many forms of drugs, stress, etc.

Conventional antibiotics block the way bacteria function and cause both beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria to die or to stop multiplying. But because bacteria are living organisms, bacteria can adapt over time and can develop genetic changes that allow them to resist antibiotics, just like with cockroaches and bug sprays. When this happens, an antibiotic that was previously able to treat a certain bacterial infection will no longer be effective against it. Bacteria can spread these genetic changes to other bacteria as they multiply. This allows antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria to develop.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that about 2.8 million people, just in the US, develop antibiotic-resistant infections each year, resulting in more than 35,000 untimely deaths. This number is estimated to be much higher in Indonesia, because commission-generating antibiotics are handed out like candy here.

Modern medical practice, which generally only treats symptoms and not causes, has found little benefit from the use of anti-fungals. Only three types of antifungal drugs currently exist, so antifungal resistance can even further limit healing options. And most fungal infections are due to over-exposure to antibiotics, that kill off beneficial bacteria that are needed to consume errant fungus in the body.

Some types of fungi, like Candida auris, can become resistant to all three of currently available drug types. Resistance is especially concerning for patients with invasive fungal infections—severe infections that affect the blood, heart, brain, eyes, or other parts of the body—because these are serious infections that may be more difficult to treat if they are resistant and if antifungal treatment is limited. For example, bloodstream infections with the fungus Candida (a yeast) that are resistant to treatment can cause serious health problems, including disability and death.

Please see the New Patient Guide for more information regarding The Three Infection Types : Bacteria, Fungus, and Virus.


We begin by first identifying pathogens in the blood and body that can cause bacteria and fungus overgrowth. Then we work to eliminate the causes of infection. At the same time, we work to rebuild immunities, with the use of therapies and nutraceuticals described below. Diet and exercise are central to healing.

We will ask you to complete the New Patient Questionnaire and then schedule for interview and exam at one of our three facilities. With extensive test results, you will be give a prescription and counseling as how to proceed. Standard Operating Proceedure (SOP) is listed below, so you can better understand th process we follow.

This is not an easy path to follow, and healing immune deficiency most always takes some time. An important aspect of natural healing is that disease will often appear worse for a short time or two, as the body strengthens and pushes out disease. This is called the Herxheimer Effect. Please read about it in The New Patient Guide.

We must emphasize that this is not a quick cure. It takes time for the body to readjust, to bring back beneficial bacteria in the right percentages, while eliminating pathogens and their causes from the body and the surrounding environment.

Be patient, stick with the program, and be ready to deal with healing crises.

Conventional Antibiotic Medications

We strongly suggest the patient not follow this course of medication if presently taking antibiotics or anti-fungals. Modern medicines can cause conflict with natural medicines and therapies.
It’s very important to concurrently follow the infusion and oral medications schedule, while limiting conventional medicines intake. Out course diet and exercise are paramount.

Remember: The body only heals during deep sleep and rest. The patient must rest, and get impact exercise too.

Words of Encouragement

Modern drugs suppress disease but do not usually cure. Natural remedies take time and require diligent participation by the patient. Constant monitoring of condition required, as is full commitment to diet and medicines. Several days, but more often several weeks, are needed for the program to work. Changes are generally observed daily. We suggest checking the blood at least once per month in order to monitor progress. Once normalcy is observed, therapy may no longer be required, if the patient continues to avoid causes. Perhaps for one or two months, with long-term dietary and lifestyle changes required – but sometimes longer, depending on the degree of immune suppression.

The patient must be patient. Impact exercise is key.

Remember: The body only heals during deep sleep and rest. The patient must be patient, rest, and get impact exercise too. Therapies prescribed by BSI may vary greatly from patient to patient. And patience is advised, healing can take time.