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Brain Fog / Brain Builder

Holistic Health Reset Program Cost : Rp. 3.700.000 – 20.000.000
+ Brain Fog Program : Rp 1.000.000 – 3.000.000

Depending on Diagnosis & Treatment needs.

What is Brain Fog ?

Brain fog, or mental fatigue, is not a medical condition but is instead a symptom of other medical conditions. Depending on severity, brain fog can interfere with daily tasks, but is rarely permanent. With proper understanding and avoidance of causes, healing can begin. It’s a type of cognitive dysfunction involving:

  • Memory ability
  • A lack of mental clarity
  • Poor concentration
  • An inability to focus
  • Physical coordination
  • Sleep inconsistencies
  • Irritability

Possible causes

Stress. Chronic stress can increase blood pressure, weaken the immune system, and trigger depression, resulting in mental fatigue. An exhausted brain finds it harder to think, reason, and focus. Key to healing is negating all sources of stress- physical, mental, spiritual, nutritional, etc.

Poor sleep quality greatly interferes with brain functions. At least during therapy, aim for 8 to 9 hours per each 24 hours. Or sleep 2 or 3 times per day with naps and a full night’s deep sleep, equaling 9 hours or more. The body and brain only heal during deep sleep. Time is needed for full recovery. Mental fatigue

Hormonal imbalances can also trigger brain fog. High levels of the hormones progesterone and estrogen can affect memory and cause short-term cognitive impairment – typical of obesity and metabolic syndrom, among other causes. Too low hormones can also cause brain and nerve malfunction. Mental fatigue

Diet can also play a role in brain fog. Vitamin B12 supports healthy brain function, its deficiency also a cause. Removing trigger foods, such as sugar, caffeine, junk foods, etc. from the diet most of the time improves symptoms.

Medications. Brain fog is a known side effect of a large percentage of mainstream medications. Lowering dosage or switching to natural alternatives may help. Cancer treatments often result in brain fog too, known as chemo brain.

Medical conditions associated with inflammation, fatigue, or changes in blood glucose level can also cause mental fatigue. For example, brain fog is a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome, which involves persistent fatigue for a prolonged period of time. This may be indicated by high DHEA hormone levels, which are related to chronic fatigue. Fibromyalgia may also induce fogginess on a daily basis. The list is long. Literally hundreds of combinations of conditions can result in nervous system difficulties.

Other conditions include:

  • Anemia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Diabetes
  • Sjo¨gren syndrome
  • Migraine
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Autoimmune diseases, like lupus, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis
  • Dehydration
  • Effects from COVID-19
  • Stroke


Extensive interview and multiple lab tests are often needed to diagnose causes and solutions for brain fog. Brain fog may signal an underlying issue, so deeper research is advised:

  • Mental health – depression survey available.
  • Physical exam
  • Diet and environment
  • Level of physical activity
  • Past and current medications or supplements
  • Blood and urine testing (the BSI Signature Detox and Health Rest) with full analysis:
  • A food journal is also advised (provided by BSI at time of interview)
  • Parasites

Take this self test for more information regarding brain function:


Choose one of these tests for depression analysis if desired or needed:


May we suggest you take one or two of these tests, and print and bring along the results to your first appointment, if you want.


  • BSI Signature Detox and Health Reset Program, with nootropic medcines, as listed below
  • Sleeping 8 to 9 hours per 24 hours (means naps as well as a good night’s sleep)
  • Managing stress by knowing limitations and avoiding alcohol and caffeine
  • Physical impact exercising
  • Thinking exercises / challenges
  • Finding enjoyable activities
  • Increasing your intake of protein, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats
  • Toning the vagus nerve system

Brain fog can be frustrating, but relief is obtainable with persistence and dedication. If left untreated, brain fog can impact the quality of life. Once the underlying cause is addressed, mental clarity can improve.


Modern drugs suppress symptoms but do not usually cure. Natural remedies take time and require diligent participation by the patient. Constant monitoring of causes is required, as is full commitment to diet and medicines. Several days are needed for the program to work. Gradual but positive changes are generally observed daily. Once normal function is observed, continued therapy is required. Perhaps for one or two months, with long-term dietary and lifestyle changes required. Mental fatigue

The patient must be patient. Impact exercise is key.